comparison is for the BIRDS 

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Someone much wiser (Teddy Roosevelt, maybe?) said that a long time ago. And you know what? Still holds true.

I was running today. Midday, hot, and muggy – so for this momma with a tendency toward heat exhaustion, the PERFECT time (OY) – and my mind was running in circles.

I had a conversation with one of my running inspirations yesterday. She was trying to uplift me and let me know that even she, who has been running for about a billion and a half years, has off days. She was upset with herself for running a 12-minute mile. I completely sympathized with her at the time, because I recently had my OWN off day with running and she had helped me through it.

But then she walked away, and I was like, “Wait, whaaa?” A 12-minute mile? I’d be freaking ECSTATIC with that! Picture me, a double jogging stroller, my two little ones, and my Australian Shepherd running (what feels like) a mile a minute at that pace. I would’ve been so jazzed.

I know she was trying to help. But do you know what my silly brain did as I was running today? COMPARED MYSELF TO HER. Her, a seasoned runner. ME, a newbie who is technically still in the obese weight category.

My advice in this scenario? DON’T FLIPPIN’ DO IT. Don’t compare. Don’t take the wind out of your own sails. Set your OWN goals. Be happy with your OWN progress. Be a good friend and help each other through hard times, but don’t let the amazingness of others deter you from finding your own form of awesome.

All of this took about 30 seconds for me to realize while running under the hot sun today. And it motivated me. I pushed harder. And then I ran my fastest mile EVER. 10:38, baby! BOOM.

So go out there today. Do awesome things. Be happy with yourself and your progress. And never, ever compare. Make Teddy (and me) proud.


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