it’s ALWAYS poop

You know when as a parent (of humans or dogs alike) you’re walking along, minding your own business, and then notice something on the floor? You immediately feel compelled to pick it up. You bend down, grab it, and realize…it’s POOP.

This ALWAYS happens to me. (Okay, not always.) But it seems to happen to me a whole lot more than my husband.

I feel like there’s a lesson to be learned here. First, check your dog’s butt before coming inside after a good run. Unpleasant, but necessary. Second, and most important: STOP PICKING UP EVERYONE ELSE’S CRAP.

Not in the literal sense, of course. Please clean your house. Don’t be gross. But if people are putting negativity out into the world, do you have to pick it up? NOPE. Do you have to let it affect you? Not one bit.

So while it’s usually always poop, it doesn’t have to be YOUR poop. Ya dig?


comparison is for the BIRDSĀ 

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Someone much wiser (Teddy Roosevelt, maybe?) said that a long time ago. And you know what? Still holds true.

I was running today. Midday, hot, and muggy – so for this momma with a tendency toward heat exhaustion, the PERFECT time (OY) – and my mind was running in circles.

I had a conversation with one of my running inspirations yesterday. She was trying to uplift me and let me know that even she, who has been running for about a billion and a half years, has off days. She was upset with herself for running a 12-minute mile. I completely sympathized with her at the time, because I recently had my OWN off day with running and she had helped me through it.

But then she walked away, and I was like, “Wait, whaaa?” A 12-minute mile? I’d be freaking ECSTATIC with that! Picture me, a double jogging stroller, my two little ones, and my Australian Shepherd running (what feels like) a mile a minute at that pace. I would’ve been so jazzed.

I know she was trying to help. But do you know what my silly brain did as I was running today? COMPARED MYSELF TO HER. Her, a seasoned runner. ME, a newbie who is technically still in the obese weight category.

My advice in this scenario? DON’T FLIPPIN’ DO IT. Don’t compare. Don’t take the wind out of your own sails. Set your OWN goals. Be happy with your OWN progress. Be a good friend and help each other through hard times, but don’t let the amazingness of others deter you from finding your own form of awesome.

All of this took about 30 seconds for me to realize while running under the hot sun today. And it motivated me. I pushed harder. And then I ran my fastest mile EVER. 10:38, baby! BOOM.

So go out there today. Do awesome things. Be happy with yourself and your progress. And never, ever compare. Make Teddy (and me) proud.

the first day of the rest of my life after potato chips

Well, it finally happened. My LAST DAY of work in corporate America. As I walked out of the double doors on the beautiful campus, I took a big, deep breath, and stepped out into the rest of my life.

Let me just start by saying that 6 months ago if you had told me I’d be doing this, I would’ve laughed in your face. Straight up belly laughed, in fact. Maybe even snorted – I’ve been known to do that from time to time. But this is REAL. This is MY LIFE. And now I get to go out and live it. I get to be PRESENT for my two growing children. I get to live out my dreams.

Helping other people reach their goals has gotten me here. They keep me going. Seeing their progress lights a fire in my belly to do MORE with my life. With my health. With my nutrition. They keep me aiming high for my own weight loss goals. Today one of them made me realize that the amount of weight I’ve lost is equivalent to the size of a newborn calf. FO’ REAL, these people rock.

Figuring out my own path in life has gotten me here. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, other than the best momma I could be. My toddler may or may not agree that I’ve been achieving that depending on how much negotiating we’ve had to do that day. And her baby brother will pretty much just follow along with whatever she says or does. Trouble? Sometimes. Adorable? Always.

Now I can proudly say I want to be the best COACH I can be. I want to inspire. I want to motivate. I want to get people off their arses and make positive changes in their lives.

The motivation of my two little munchkins has gotten me here. They keep me going even when all I want to do is curl up under the blankets and NOT work out. Have I wanted potato chips, my old favorite? Or some freaking candy? Or any of the other things I used to use as a big-time crutch in my life? Yep. Have I been perfect? Heck no, and I never will be. But you don’t NEED to be, that’s the beauty of it.

Just BE YOU. Figure out what you want in life. And then work your tail off to get it.

You won’t regret it for a single second.